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Prosthetics & Orthotics

The need for a prosthesis or orthosis may arise from an unplanned injury, accident or a condition present at birth. We understand that the need for either an orthosis or prosthesis can be a difficult time for the patient and his/her family.

Treatment for any of these conditions requires the expertise and effort of a team of highly qualified professionals. Mark Goldberg Prosthetic and Orthotic Labs, Ltd. is an integral part of this team. We work closely with your doctor and/or surgeon, your physical or occupational therapist, your rehab nurse, and any caregiver that helps you. Of course, we work with the most important member of the team YOU. It is the patient himself who has the most input as to the finished product that will be produced.

The team approach assures you of receiving the device that will make your life easier.

As part of your rehab team, our staff plays an important part in preparing you physically and emotionally for the process your are about to become involved with. The goal we all have is to help you become productive and independent.

The type of device you will need will be customized to the specifications of your height, weight, age, and planned functions you will participate in. There will be extensive training and follow up required as you become acclimated to your new device. It is important to remember that patience will now become one of your character traits that will be tested. Through your determination and the support of loved ones and your rehab team you will be on your way to living an active and productive life.